Planning Commission Minutes February 26, 2024

Trinity Planning Commission                       Minutes                                                               February 26, 2024


The Trinity Planning Commission met at a regularly scheduled meeting in the Trinity Municipal Building with Mayor Vaughn Goodwin calling the meeting to order at 5:58 p.m.

Members present were Susan Ledbetter, Council Member Gordon Burden, Mayor Vaughn Goodwin, Inspector Gary Bayne, Ken Johnson, Justin Dunn, and Phil McDonald.  Absent were Keith Alexander and Randy Dutton.

Motion made to adopt the minutes of the regular Trinity Planning Commission meeting January 22, 2024 as presented by Phil with a 2nd by Justin.  All voted yes, Susan Ledbetter abstained because she was absent for the last meeting.

Motion made to approve an in-home occupation for Frank Hagen at 37 Owensby Way – Frank’s Sports Cards (online sales through marketplace) by Justin with a 2nd by Susan.  All voted yes, Mayor Goodwin and Councilman Burden abstained due to being a voting member of the Council that will also vote on the in-home occupation.

Engineers from Pugh, Wright, McAnally (representing Rausch Coleman Homes) and Garver (representing the Town of Trinity) were in attendance to discuss property development on Old Hwy 24 across from West Morgan Elementary School.  Mr. Blake McAnally of Pugh, Wright, McAnally and Mr. Daniel Hudson of Rausch Coleman Homes spoke giving information to the Council about the proposed subdivision for the property.  The company currently has 2 subdivisions under construction in Decatur.  They are proposing a mixed-use community with affordable housing for “working class” to be priced in the mid $200,000’s.  Homes are expected to be 3 & 4 bedroom 1000-3000 square feet while the town homes are expected to have less than 6 homes per unit 2 story homes being 1800-2000 square feet.  The subdivision will be done in 5 phases with approximately 100 lots per phase.  Phase 1 would begin on the Old 24 frontage of the property.  The subdivision is proposed to have Common Areas and Dog Parks that will be maintained by their HOA.  All public utilities will be placed by the developers and all at once during each phase, typically they do not allow for natural gas. 

Mayor Goodwin and the Council asked that the setbacks be considered at 50 foot lot width with 10 foot side setback.  Mayor Goodwin also clarified that these homes would be build to own and not build to rent for the project.  All parties agreed that a traffic impact study would be necessary prior to construction.

Motion made to move forward setting a Public Hearing with the recommendations by Garver of a 50 foot width lot for an overlay district being considered for March 12, 2024 at 6:00 p.m. in the Trinity Municipal Building by Justin with a 2nd by Phil.  All voted yes.

Motion made to adjourn by Gordon with a 2nd by Susan at 6:54 p.m..  All voted yes.

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Ashley Patterson, Town Clerk                                                                     Mayor Vaughn Goodwin