This is a listing of some of the Town's Ordinances.  If you are unable to locate the Ordinance here please go to the Home Page, Click on About Us, scroll down to Docs & Forms, there you will find the City Council Meeting Minutes, Forms, Planning Commission Meeting Minutes, Ordinances and Resolutions.

ORD 2023-03 Employee Vehicle Policy

ORD 2023-01 Amending the Employee Manual perdiem

ORD 2022-10 Handicap Parking

ORD 2022-10 - Executive Directive Order 2022-1 Citation for Handicap Parking

ORD 2022-09 Water Service Repeal Ord 2020-01

Ord 2021-01 prohibiting trucks

ORD 2021-04a Wrecker Rotation Service

ORD 2021-05a Summons in lieu of arrest Ord

2021-04 Joe Wheeler Franchise trinity.agreement.jwemc

ORD 2018-10 Establishing PhotoVideo Policy

ORD 2002-01 Fireworks

Ord 94-02 Garage Sales      Yard/Garage Sale Permit

ORD 89-3 Animal Control

ORD 2022-05 Amend Personnel Handbook Vehicle

ORD 2022-06 Field Training & Evaluation for Officers